Monday, March 9, 2009

The Perfect Pedi Sation Pedicure!

Aromatherapy PediSation Pedicure

Step 1
This is the first step in the aromatherapy pedicure treatment due to the Essential Lavender Oil that will Pour Pedi Sation Pedicure Soak in warm water and let them soak for 10. If feet are extremely dry you can soak up to 15 minutes. The soaking softens the cuticle and dry skin, allowing for an easier removal process.
Key Ingredient: TeaTrea oils disinfects| Peppermint deodorizes unwanted odor| Lavender begins to calm and relive the senses

You can add a couple of mint leaves to the tub for the natural eye appeal.
While your customer is soaking, bring by a cup of lavender or mint tea to help sooth their senses and well being.

Step 2
After the skin is softened from soaking, apply a layer PediSation CALLUS EXFOLIATOR to dry callused skin for 2-4 minutes ( 7 minutes max)
Do not remove product.
Key Ingredient: Aloe to help soften the skin| Lavender infused micro beads to exfoliate| Glycerin to moisturize| Arnica to regenerate the skin

Step 3
Use the PediSation Pure Glass Foot File on the Callus prone areas of the foot. Do so in circular motions and only in one direction otherwise, you run the risk of tearing skin! Continue until dead skin has been removed. Rinse off excess product. Proceed to file the whole foot. Do not forget the rough areas around the back of the heel and under the big toe.

Key Feature: Pure Glass

TIP: If your customer is ticklish, he/she may not be able to enjoy the full effect of soft feet. With one hand, hold the customers foot by placing the thumb in the center of the foot and the index finger on the top of the foot. This alleviates the ticklish sensation.

Key Ingredient: The glass stone is organically grown and does not absorb water, therefore bacteria cannot grow within the glass like other pumice stones.

Step 4
Apply PediSation Foot Scrub in fragrance of your choice: Pear Nectar, PomeTea or Lavender on the bottom of the foot only. Infused with Lavender to soothe and real pumice stone, this sole smoother will leave the bottom of the feet as soft as can be. The Shea butter will allow for continuous moisture without drying the new skin.

Key Ingredient: Arnica to help regenerate the skin| Lavender to soothe| Pumice stone to smooth| Essential oils for added moisture benefit| Shea Butter to moisturize

Step 5
Polish away dry dull skin! Apply the foot polish below the knee and on top of the foot only. This is specifically formulated with Sea Salts to exfoliate the skin in delicate areas that our foot scrub can become too harsh for. The Eucalyptus and menthol essential oils penetrate to help relieve tired aching muscles.

Key ingredients: Sea Salts to gently exfoliate the skin| Eucalyptus essential oils to help sooth tired muscles

Step 6
Apply a layer of the PediSation Foot Masque over the leg and the the entire foot but not directly onto the nail. Allow for the masque to fully absorb onto the skin by allowing it to dry for 5-10 minutes.

Key Ingredients: Cucumber to cool and refresh| Clay to help sooth and absorb impurities| Spearmint for freshness

If you place a war towel over the customer’s leg and foot first this will allow the pores to open to achieve the maximum results.
If you are pressed on time, another option is to apply the masque over the foot and immediately place the warm towel over the legs for the same period of time.

Step 7
Apply a generous amount of PediSation Lotion onto your customer’s legs and feet for the most relaxing experience yet! Work the lotion onto your customers tired aching legs and feet until lotion is fully absorbed. Apply as often as needed.


1. This is the best time to listen to your customers needs. As you are massaging take the time to feel the customer’s energy and focus on areas that need the most help. This will keep your customer coming back.
2. If you are giving a longer massage, you can also mix the lotion with an essential oil to maximize the slip.
3. To give your customer a cozier feeling you can warm up the lotion prior to usage and allow to once again open up the pores for best results.

Step 8
Apply PediSation Critical Repair Crème onto Callus prone areas only for example the heal, side of the toe or any extra dry cracked skin area.

Key ingredients: Arnica to regenerate dry, cracked skin| Pure Shea Butter to deeply moisturize

Pamper your customer to another level. The CRC can also be applied to the knee and the elbows or any extra dry area. It will not take you much time to apply a little extra cream to your customers in areas needed most, and your customer will feel the extra appreciation.

Step 9
This is the final and most important step to achieve a long lasting pedicure. Apply a generous amount of PediSation Cooling Gel over the foot to allow the pores to close. This will enable the moisture to really stay deep into the skin and prevent dehydration. This cooling gel also assists in relieving any muscle pain.

Key Ingredient: Spearmint to cool and refresh and seal in moisture

Tips to maximize your customer’s satisfaction

Allow for your salon to be the destination of their choice!
Allow for the period of relaxation to begin as soon as your customer enters your salon. Guide them through the relaxation process by helping them place their belongings in a safe area and sitting them down to relax. The mention of the immediate word “relax” will help your customer to enter the state of mind. If your customer can enjoy the environment and the feeling that they obtain the minute they walk in, they will always look to come back for the Sation Escape.

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